About the Range

The Onaqui Mountain Horse Management Area in Skull Valley Western Utah covers a broad area totaling 205,394 acres.  The valley is dotted with sagebrush and a few juniper in the foothills while conifers dot the surrounding mountains in the upper elevations.  Both at sunrise and sunset you'll find the valley bathed in a warm golden light and often with painted skies as wisps of clouds gather over the mountains and hold onto the changing light.

You'll easily find historical relics and outbuildings as you near the Simpson Springs camground where the Pony Express trail once carried riders and their precious cargo through this very same pass.  The elevation here is 5,100 feet and there are 20 camping sites available along with firepits, potable water and campground restrooms.  They allow for campers yearround and the permit fee is $15.00/night.

The wild horses have survived in this fairly remote area since the 1800's and are thought to have first originated from ranchers stock which either escaped or were turned loose.  Now they have multiplied to over 450 total and live in various bands throughout the HMA.  The nearest town is Stockton with a whopping population of 684 and one tiny gas station.  Dugway Proving Grounds Army base is also located on the borders of the range and you'll drive right beside it if entering from Highway 196 rather than cutting through Lookout Pass.

A Bureau of Land Management map can be found at the left outlining the borders of the Onaqui's range as well as the local mountain ranges which provide jaw dropping backgrounds for photographs taken throughout the area. 


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